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August 2017


Twinning for fun & friends

Who sang, “The history book on the shelf, is always repeating itself“?

Which company invented Asimo?

Which king was Holbein's patron?*

Inspirations fly to and fro, are rubbished, seized with delight or hotly debated; ever and again goes up the cry, “I know that — but l just can’t remember it!"  Under a wacky selection of team names, Bourne End Twinners and friends relished their annual quiz, efficiently run by Tracey and Lawrence Huxley, with the help of son Alex and Rafael Hammerlindl.  Smiles supplied a welcome supper and a fun evening was enjoyed by members from near and far.

ln the wake of the second World War, town twinning was born of a great longing for positive links, understanding and friendship between people of different nations.  After research and exploratory visits, the rural town of Octeville sur Mer, near Le Havre in France, became Bourne End’s twin with the signing of charters in 2003.  We aim to foster links between our two communities in any ways possible. The splendid Sportsfest football day annually welcomes young teams from Octeville and there have been exchanges by musical groups too.  For our members, twinning brings new friends both here and in Octeville; a chance to broaden understanding of different ways of life, and a taste of the famed French “joie de vivre" — what’s not to like?  The language? All UK twinning associations have members who only speak English and their twins have members who do not speak English. lt’s seldom a problem.

Octeville gave us such a fabulous five days on our visit this year, as we became “part of the family” in French homes and enjoyed excursions, a beer tasting and restaurant meals. We are already discussing their return visit in May 2018 and are seeking hosts and planning our programme.

Our next event in Bourne End will be the Members’ Garden Party (£6 a head) on Saturday September 2, so it’s not too late to splash out on membership at £4, or £8 for a family. Weather uncertain — but a delicious tea guaranteed.  Why not join us? Call 01628 520065 or go to or to find out more. 

*Just to settle the arguments, answers were: Abba/Waterloo; Honda; Henry Vlll.